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So that you can celebrate Halloween with loved ones without spending too much time behind the stove, I've put together this 100% vegan, delicious apéro box. This box contains a wide range of dishes so there is certainly something for everyone! We provide the snacks, you provide the creepy company and the drinks.

What's in the box? 


Spider pizza

Stuffed eyeball mushrooms

Mummy hot dogs

Stuffed coffin (inside a bolognaise sauce)

Assortment of toasts and doritos

Halloween vegetables

Stuffed bell pepper (with herb 'cheese')

Purple hummus


Stuffed wraps (cucumber-lettuce-carrot-hummus)

Assortment of nuts

The boxes can be delivered on Sunday 30 October picked upbe in the Kraaistraat 4, in Ghent between 16:30-18:00.

Order before Monday 24 October 22:00.


 Order for a minimum of 2 people

€17,50   per person 

To order? Do not forget to mention for how many people you want the apéro box (at least 2p).

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