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MAY 12

On Sunday, May 12, both dessert and breakfast boxes can be picked up between 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM.

Our kitchen is located at Dendermondesteenweg 157 in Destelbergen.


Surprise with this delicious breakfast for a great Mother's Day! With Junglicious we will again provide a breakfast box full of goodies this year to make this day just that little bit more special.
What makes our boxes extra special? This is completely plant-based, cow's milk-free and therefore completely suitable for moms (to be) :)

What's in the brunch box?

French toast filled with chocolate spread and strawberries

Bagel with hummus and grilled vegetables

Bagel with herb 'cheese' and 'salmon'

Fluffy mini pancakes with red fruit


Plantbased red 'yogurt'

Homemade granola and fresh fruit

Assortment of breads

Choice: chocolate bread and/or croissant


Homemade 'tuna' salad

Homemade 'chicken' curry salad

Blueberry oat muffin


Choice: pink smoothie and/or fresh fruit juice

Giant crunchy chocolate chip cookies

Personal Mother's Day card - Kaartblanche

The Mother's Day boxes can be ordered until May 9 or while supplies last.

Boxes are limited so be quick!

 Price: €32 per person

(can be ordered from 2 persons)

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