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The boxes can be picked up on Sunday 17 July and Wednesday 20 July  at Kraaistraat 4, in Ghent between 9.00-10.00.

Before Sunday 17 July: order before Thursday 14 July 22.00.

Before Wednesday 20 July: order before Sunday 17 July 22.00.



The beautiful weather invites for picnics in the park with friends and family. In order for you not to spend too much time behind the stove myself, I have put together this 100% vegan, delicious breakfast box. This box contains a wide range of dishes so there is certainly something for everyone!

What's in the box? 


'Sausage Rolls

Slices of banana bread

Assortment of pistolets


Yogurt with homemade granola

Stuffed peach-vuna

Wrap rolls

Fresh fruit salad


Homemade tuna salad

Homemade egg salad

Vegan ham and cheese

Dessert pot speculoos mousse cake


Fresh fruit juice

 Order for a minimum of 2 people

€28.5 per person 

To order? Do not forget to mention how many people you want the box for and when you will come for it.

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